“The Forty”

“The Forty”

“The Forty”, for when 20′ just won’t do.

The Forty is a special edition straight-end strap made from our signature polyester and polypropylene webbing and patented roller design. Perfect for off-road adventures, job sites, and much more.

Includes One (1) 40′ Straight End Strap


  • Featuring Patented Rollercam® Buckle
  • Polypropylene or Polyester Strap
  • Triple-Bar Tack Stitching
  • Woven-in Length
  • T-135 Polyester Thread
  • Working Load 160kg

US Patent 6877189B2 | Always Check for Wear | Working Load 160kg
Designed in the Utah Deserts, Made in China



High tenacity polypropylene webbing comes in two (2) colors: Charcoal Black and Graphite. Polypropylene webbing has a UV stabilizer built into the molecular level, which helps durability in harsh outdoor environments. The high tenacity polypropylene is ideal when a more tactile feel is required, even when the strap gets wet. Polypropylene is very hydrophobic, keeping the webbing tactile to the touch in all situations.

Polyester webbing comes in five (5) colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, and Black. Polyester has slightly better abrasion resistance over the high tenacity polypropylene. However, polyester is slightly hydrophilic, resulting in the material being slippery when wet. However, polyester does not swell as much as nylon making the webbing ideal for overlanding, river running, and any on and off-road expedition.

Patented Rollercam® Design
The traditional cam strap has been a staple in gear bags for years. Cam straps are easy to use and provide a simple means for securing a variety of loads. Rollercam® technology has solved the problem of standard cams not tightening the webbing efficiently and securely. The Rollercam® technology has integrated a roller mechanism, a complex thumb release geometry, and multiple springs to allow for a smooth operating cam strap that can be tightened 5-10x greater than the standard cam.

How it Works
Rollercam® Cam Buckles utilizes innovative patented technology. Figure 1 shows the cross-section of a standard cam buckle versus the cross-section of the Rollercam®. When you are securing a cam strap, a maximum force is applied to the cam strap by pulling with your hand and body. When this force is applied in a standard cam, a frictional force is generated between the body and the webbing, reducing the overall ability to tighten a standard cam securely. The patented Rollercam® substantially reduces friction and allows the webbing to be pulled with ease.

The Rollercam® technology reduces Frictional Force resulting in an increased maximum Holding Force, plus ease of operation. Plus, the Rollercam® is low-profile, making it a perfect build solution for overlanders and a great addition to whitewater rafts.

Additional Features
Superior Webbing — We developed a proprietary manufacturing method for our polypropylene straps. Our straps have high strength, tactile feel, UV inhibitors, and superior performance.

Durable Thread — We’ve selected a heavy-duty T-135 Polyester thread for each of our webbing assemblies for superior durability and stitching. This yields a longer life for your strap.

Woven-in Length — Our Expedition and Classic Models have length woven into the webbing, allowing for easy identification. Unlike printed webbing, our woven-in length lasts a lifetime.

Triple Bar Tack — The Bar Tack is one of the most recognized and commonly used sewing methods for climbing and safety. Our Triple Bar Tack yields superior strength over Bar X and X patterns.

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Graphite, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Polypropylene, Polyester