Roperoller® with Accessory Cord

Roperoller® with Accessory Cord

Introducing Roperoller! The Greatest Rope Lock Ever. Using an all-new patented roller design, we’ve brought the technology of Rollercam® to the rope tightening and tensioning tool kit. Ideal for canopy, tent, and awning tie-downs to create optimal security.

Plus, the Roperoller rope lock has our signature brass roller, stainless steel springs, and stainless steel shafts for strength and corrosion resistance. The 10ft of 3mm reflective accessory cord is durable and easy to find in any weather situation.


  • Signature Brass Roller
  • Stainless Steel Springs and Shafts
  • Corrosion Resistant Cam
  • Quick Release Design
  • 3m. of 3mm Accessory Cord per Roperoller®
  • Weight: 22.7 g
  • Working Load 15kg
  • Works with 3 and 4 mm rope and paracord

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US Patent 10221918B2 | Always Check for Wear | Working Load of 15kg | Max Load of 50kg
Designed in the Utah Deserts, Made in China