Rollercam® Cam Buckle (Individual)

Rollercam® Cam Buckle (Individual)

Rollercam® Cam Buckle (Individual) is a patented design that eliminates the frictional losses compared to a standard cam buckle design. Put simply, it’s the best cam buckle ever made. Achieve up to 10x the holding force compared to standard cam buckles. Get your Rollercam® Cam Buckle today and never use another cam buckle again.
Includes One (1) Individual Rollercam® Buckle


  • Measures 1” Wide
  • Dual Stainless-Steel Shafts
  • Zamak 5 Body
  • Brass Roller
  • Ergonomic Thumb Release
  • Working Load 160kg

US Patent 6877189B2 | Always Check for Wear | Working Load 160kg
Designed in the Utah Deserts, Made in China


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Patented Rollercam® Design

The traditional cam strap has been a staple in gear bags for years. Cam straps are easy to use and provide a simple means for securing a variety of loads. Rollercam® technology has solved the problem of standard cams not tightening the webbing efficiently and securely. The Rollercam® technology has integrated a roller mechanism, a complex thumb release geometry, and multiple springs to allow for a smooth operating cam strap that can be tightened 5-10x greater than the standard cam.

How it Works

Rollercam® Cam Buckles utilizes innovative patented technology. Figure 1 shows the cross-section of a standard cam buckle versus the cross-section of the Rollercam®. When you are securing a cam strap, a maximum force is applied to the cam strap by pulling with your hand and body. When this force is applied in a standard cam, a frictional force is generated between the body and the webbing, reducing the overall ability to tighten a standard cam securely. The patented Rollercam® substantially reduces friction and allows the webbing to be pulled with ease.


The Rollercam® technology reduces Frictional Force resulting in an increased maximum Holding Force, plus ease of operation. Plus, the Rollercam® is low-profile, making it a perfect build solution for overlanders and a great addition to whitewater rafts.